MG Dynamo Concept Is A Short Range Runabout


To celebrate 90 years as an automaker, MG built the Dynamo Concept, a short range electric vehicle that may hint at MG’s future plans. Could the Dynamo become more than a placeholder in MG’s timeline?

It may stand a better chance at production than you might think. MG Motor was bought by China’s SAIC in 2005, and while headquartered in the U.K., most of the vehicles end up back in China. Still, MG Motor wants to hold onto its past, celebrating its founding in 1924 with a little electric runabout that ain’t half bad looking.

The specifications aren’t all that impressive, boasting just 80 km, or about 50 miles of driving range. The electric motor is only good for 70 horsepower, though the 2,376 pound curb weight could make for an engaging driving experience. The Renault Twizy has proven exceedingly popular in Europe despite its short range, as buyers are drawn to the low purchase and operating costs.

There’s a market out there for the MG Dynamo, if only the company is ready to take the risk, and it could give the old British automaker a new identity for the 21st century.

Source: MG Motor

Christopher DeMorro

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