Lincoln MKX Concept Is The Brand’s First International Debut


The reveal of the Lincoln MKX Concept at the Beijing Auto Show marks the brand’s first international debut, and Lincoln has grand ambitions for China. This uniquely American brand wants to expand its sales overseas, especially in China, where the brand launches this fall with eight flagship stores in seven cities.

The Lincoln MKX Concept, like most recent Lincoln concept cars, seems firmly rooted in reality and with an eye towards production. Designes to be a global vehicle appealing to the tastes of both Americans and Chinese buyers, the MKX Concept drew its inspiration from motorcycles and airplanes, though it debuted without either a powertrain or an interior.

That’s a particularly bold move on Lincoln’s part, as Chinese consumers have proven particularly picky about the interior quality of their luxury vehicles. Prior concepts, like the Lincoln MKC, made a point to hype up the refined interior. After all, that’s where we spend the most time, inside a car, not look at it, right?

Perception matters though, the the Lincoln MKX Concept looks pretty damn sharp, further differentiating itself from its Ford Edge underpinnings. As far as powertrains go, I expect the 2.0 liter EcoBoost to be offered as the base motor, and Lincoln has a lot riding on the new MKX, which I expect will look almost exactly like the concept. It’s the second-best selling car in the Lincoln lineup, and crossovers remain one of the hottest tickets on the new car market. Massive SUVs like the barely-redesigned Lincoln Navigator just don’t sell like they used to.

If Lincoln really wants to be a global brand though, they might want to give their next concept things like an engine, or seats. You know, those little details that make a car feel complete.

Source: Lincoln

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