Dyson Wants To Vacuum Pollution Out Of Our Rivers

Dyson Recyclone

James Dyson dreams of a giant vacuum boat to clean our rivers of pollution, and he calls it the M.V. Recyclone. It’s a clever name for a clever idea, and with just 3% of the Earth’s water being drinkable freshwater, it’s more important than ever to protect this precious resource. But is a giant vacuum boat really the best idea?

The vision that Dyson explained to Time Magazine consisted of skimming the rivers using a large net pulled by a custom fitted boat. Then, using a cyclonic system similar to the system used in Dyson vacuums, the boat shreds the plastic and sorts it by grade. Imagine putting a garbage disposal on a pool skimmer, a clever idea but this isn’t the first grand attempt to clean our rivers and tributaries and it isn’t without its own problems.

Dyson admits that he must work out several kinks in the idea; a way to distinguish garbage from wildlife or plant life being the biggest obstacle at the moment.  We can’t exactly go around vacuuming everything out of our rivers all willy-nilly like.

Dyson has made a number of advancements in the field of domestic electronic, from vacuums to bladeless fans to hand dryers. If the Dyson M.V. Recyclone comes out anything like their vacuums, I hope our rivers aren’t filled with the dog hair and little sticks that constantly clog mine.

Source: Time

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