12,000 Mile Tesla Road Trip Concludes On Earth Day


Yesterday was Earth Day, and what better way to celebrate than with the completion of a 12,000 mile road trip in a Tesla Model S? Managing Director of Recargo Norman Hajjar arrived in Venice California yesterday, after driving through 27 states and visiting all four corners of the United States in his Tesla Model S in what certainly qualifies as an epic road trip.

It’s all thanks to the recently-completed Tesla Supercharger network, which connects the east and west coasts with chargers that can top off an almost-empty Model S in about an hour. This is at least the third Tesla-powered cross country trip to be completed in 2014, reviving a great American tradition that seemed to succumb to high gas prices.


For Hajjar, the road trip included about twice as much driving as charging, with him spending a total of 109 hours filling up, and 213 hours actually driving. This let him complete the 12,183 mile journey in just 24 days, and he’s put in for a Guinness World Record as the longest journey using 100% electric power. I can think of a few contenders who might take issue with that.

12,000 miles in 24 days, and not a penny spent on fuel. No wonder the rich get richer.

Source: Plugshare | Image: Norman Hajjar

Christopher DeMorro

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