Nissan Leaf Recharged by a Volcano

A Nissan Leaf recharged by a volcano? Well sure, why not? A volcano has to be useful for something, right? In this short video, we see Neal Wagner use the volcano at Haleakala National Park on the Hawaiian island of Maui to charge his Nissan Leaf.

Nissan Leaf Recharged by a Volcano

When Neal Wagner wants to see the sun rise over the island of Maui, he heads to the top of the volcano at Haleakala National Park. The peak of Haleakala is more than ten thousand feet above sea level, and the long and winding road to the top is about thirty-five miles long. Driving up the steep slope of the volcano uses up nearly all the battery charge on Wagner’s Leaf. 

A full charge will take a Leaf about eighty-four miles, depending on speed, topography, and other factors, although that may change soon. Nissan Leaf owners were recently surveyed regarding a 150 mile range and we can hope that Nissan will offer an upgrade to the Leaf in the next year or so.

With about 15% of his battery left, and nowhere on the summit to charge his Leaf, Neal Wagner starts down the road to home. Navigating the downward slope and hairpin turns requires frequent braking. but with the Leaf’s regenerative braking system, the drive down the volcano actually recharges the car.

The Leaf is nearly full by the time he reaches the base of the mountain, without ever having to plug in. So, ror practically no cost (and certainly less than the cost of a tank of gas), Wagner spends a day driving around and enjoying the scenery. Just another perk of driving the most popular EV on the market.

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