That Perfect 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTD May Not Happen

No VW GTD for US Buyers

The 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTD seems, on the surface, to be the best of all possible worlds. It’s got a near-premium badge that’s not too flashy. It’s got a willing, well-suspended chassis. It’s good-looking and practical, but not so much so that your soul revolts, minivan-style, at the sight of it. The best part? It’s got VW’s high-torque, ultra-efficient, and (arguably) clean-burning EA288 turbo diesel engine. It stops just short of being everything a car guy/gal could ask for …

… which, of course, means that Volkswagen won’t be bringing it to the US.

That word comes down from on high. From Volkswagen’s “CEO of the Americas” Michael Horn, who said that the chances of a 2015 Golf GTD coming to the US are diminishing. “The price point (about $27,000 US) is not really attractive,” says Horn- despite the fact that a $27,000 price-point would put it almost $1000 below the definitely-not-a-premium-brand Chevy Cruze diesel.

Too bad, that. It would have been nice to have a “nearly perfect-er” 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTD wagon to flog around Joliet once or twice a year nestled into the garage with the bikes and the wife’s mommy-mobile. Maybe next year/CEO. Until then, take a look at some GTD pictures and lament what could have been.








Source | Photos: VW, via MotorAuthority; ZerCustoms.

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