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Green Business Ideas are a hot topic at our sister site, Ecopreneurist- but what if you wanted to start a green gear head business? Sure, you could figure out how to totally re-engineer a $100,000 Porsche into an ultra-low-emission, 900 HP hypercar. An easier route, maybe, would be to get yourself a high-MPG people-mover and start, you know, moving people as an eco-conscious chauffeur.

There are obstacles, sure. There are insurance and liability issues that you might face, but experts like Plan Insurance in the UK and Progressive in the US can help you through that with special policies tailored to a proper chauffeur’s needs. Getting the right car, too, might seem tricky. Should you build your own eco-limo, like the stretched Prius shown, above, or should you buy something new?

As with the insurance policies, there are people whose sole job is to help you find and finance the right car- which you might find on our list of the 14 best fuel-efficient cars you can buy in 2014. Take a look at the list, read Plan Insurance’s take on the business idea, and let us know which car you’d choose to ferry people to swanky prom hotels and early international flights in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!


The time has come for hybrid and green fuel vehicles to be acknowledged as a valid and worthy option for anybody looking to purchase a vehicle. Not only are these vehicles great choices for owners of private vehicles, but also for services that require massive fleets of vehicles, such as chauffeured vehicles’ businesses. Here’s more on how green vehicles are making chauffeur services more popular and successful!

A differentiator that enhances the reputation of the chauffeurs manifolds

Keeping the financial benefits of investing in green cars on the back burner for a while, even the more amorphous benefits of environment friendly fleets are worth an appreciative look. A person in charge of working on a service contract with a chauffeur service is guaranteed to stop and stare when he/she reads about the green fuel cars adding to the pride of the fleet of the service. Moreover, such services are bound to appeal a lot to corporate setups that accommodate environmentally sound practices as a vital part of their work philosophy. With a decent number of vehicles that run on green fuels, a chauffeur service can expect to rise up to the highest level of credibility and respect in the eyes of the clients.

Shoot up the rankings of top chauffeur services

Featuring in any coveted list of the top logistic service providers can be a great impetus for any service provider, and considering the kinds of clientele and margins that chauffeur services deal with, any effort to create brand equity is worth making. Most ranking agencies and scales give a hefty weight to hygiene factors such as the number of eco friendly vehicles in the fleet of the service provider, the kind and extent of chauffeur insurance policies put into place, and the track records of the drivers while ranking them in their top 10 or top 50 service provider lists. Any chauffeur service can quickly shoot its ranking up towards the top by revamping the fleet in terms of adding eco friendly vehicles into the fleet. There’s no dearth of chauffeured vehicles’ service providers who have grown manifolds after taking the strategic decision to slowly undergo a transition towards green vehicles, and that’s ample testimony to the inherent business sense associated with the choice of environment friendly vehicles.

The financial sense of investing in hybrid and green fuel vehicles

For a company in a service business, the focus can never waver from the bottom line, and this has to be so even when the option of opting for environment friendly vehicles poses itself. Thankfully, there are some pretty distinct financial benefits that such vehicles bring to the table. Not only are federal and state government more generous in doling out incentives towards owners of hybrid vehicles, but also it is easier for car fleet service owners to have more vehicles finance because of cheaper loans available for green fuel vehicles. Also, maintenance costs such as those of braking pads replacement are minimal with hybrid vehicles, which makes them a financially smart move for a chauffeur service business.


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