Mercedes AMG is Going Green w/ Hybrid Tech

Mercedes AMG Hybrid

“Honestly, I would say yes,” began said AMG chairman Tobias Moers. “… yes, for sure [we will make hybrid AMGs]. I can’t say when, for sure, but we have already started a lot of research.” That’s confirmation- as if any was needed in the face of new laws in London and Beijing, that the company’s record-setting (and much-loved) SLS Electric Drive was not a one-time foray into the EV market, and that the company’s ginormous investment in a hybrid drivetrain for Formula 1 is well and truly working to improve the breed.

Despite their recent F1 dominance in the face of brands like Ferrari and McLaren, however, don’t expect a million-dollar Mercedes hybrid anytime soon. That’s because AMG is eager to follow its parent company Mercedes’ recent volume play/inexorable march down-market. As such, you can expect to see more electrification of “more accessible” AMG models like the CLA and SLK. A tuner hybrid “wouldn’t need to be in the super car class,” Moers explained to AutoExpress. “AMG needs to be an approachable brand.”

We’ve already seen some performance-enhancing Mercedes-Benz hybrid tech turn up in the newest S class and C class Benzes- as well as the first of the new-generation tuner specials. And, if Brabus can do it, it should be no huge task for the boys from Affalterbach to fit their own signature go-fast parts to the gas-electric (or diesel-electric) MBs. Expect to see the first “concept” performance hybrid to be spinning on the company’s auto show stands sometime in 2015 …

… that is, unless you count this thing or that thing as Mercedes’ first performance hybrid. Once you check those out, let us know what you think of this brave, new, electric go-fast world in the comments, below. Enjoy!


Source: AutoExpress UK, via GTSpirit.

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