Long-wheelbase Mercedes C Class Leaks Ahead of Beijing

2015 Mercedes C250L

Asia is a weird place to Americans who haven’t spent a lot of time in 3rd world countries. If you’re one of those people, you might wonder why anyone would want a long-wheelbase version of an entry-level luxury car. The answer, of course, is that an entry-level Mercedes seems hugely expensive to the vast majority of the SouthEast Asian populace- and its narrower shoulders (when compared to a massive Mercedes S Class or Bentley Mulsanne) make it easier to get through the region’s narrow streets and insane traffic. With all that in mind, it should come as no surprise that Mercedes followed up its new C Class’ debut at Detroit earlier this year with an all-new, stretched version of the same car for Beijing … and here it is.

The head and tail-lamps of the car are taped off, but the 2015 Mercedes C250 L is very much a limo-ized version of the C250 shown here. Other modifications to the car likely include adjustable rear seats, and more control over things like HVAC and audio controls for rear seat passengers. The car will compete directly with Chinese-owned Volvo’s S60 L sedan, and is expected to be available in C200, C250, and C300 versions once it lands in Beijing.

So far, no one’s mentioned the possibility of a stretched Mercedes C300 Bluetec Hybrid coming to China, but you have to expect something like that is coming in the next year or so- especially in the face of Beijing’s efforts to curb air pollution by forcing hybrids on everyone.


Source | Photos: CarNewsChina, via GTSpirit.

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