My First Time At The 2014 New York International Auto Show


Earlier this year I began writing for Gas2, and this week I attended my first major car show, the 2014 New York International Auto Show. Beforehand, Chris told me what to bring and what to expect, and he painted a pretty hectic picture. We drove into Stamford, got on the train to Grand Central Station, walked 10 blocks, and arrived at the Javits Center about three and a half hours after we left.

Once inside, we got our lanyards and made our way to the media center to grab a spot. Searching through the rows of table for open seats, we realized the only choices were the tables along the false wall, meaning no Ethernet or power outlets. Behind us, meanwhile, were half-filled rows of cubicles reserved for members of the “traditional” media.

After getting situated we began our tour of the show; attending the press events, picking up press materials, and reporting to you along the way.  While the event was well-attended, I was expecting larger crowds. Instead I found plenty of spaced to walk comfortably, though people still found a way to sideswipe us regularly.


Kia offered champagne, Hyundai had a barista, some automakers offered cookies and cappuccinos while others had only a small information desk with paper cards showing us web links to their press materials. Audi had an extravagant setup complete with a pop-up restaurant and Infiniti brought a cafe, but Kia managed to rival established automakers with a luxurious setup of their own.

About 14 hours after we left our homes in Connecticut, we were back again. I brought home with me a handful of free flash drives, some good photos, a bag full of Jeep Renegade-branded swag, sore feet, and the memories of my first show, which was overall a great, if tiring, experience.

Zachary Coffey

I'm a sociable computer nerd who can't wait to see what the future holds. A passion for technology that changes the world helps me maintain an optimistic outlook for things to come.