I Love The Future: The DOMI Is An Autonomous Living Room


The DOMI autonomous car is a standout in the concept field, combining self-driving cars with a unique design that flips automotive interiors on their head. Designed by a South Korean team, this “pod car” won the 2014 Michelin Challenge Design, took a silver prize in the Hyundai Pinup Design Competition, and won 1st place in the APM Shopping Center, a Korea promotion video competition.

What makes DOMI stand out from other car concepts is that the interior design is not of a car. Rather, DOMI’s interior can be molded after a living room or an office. Since the car is autonomous, why does the interior of the car have to resemble that of a traditional car? DOMI’s design does away

DOMI also would use smart highway technology to help the occupant travel the way they want to travel. Options would include being able to select more quiet, rural roads so that you could work surrounded by peace and nature, or a more direct and comfortable route with an emphasis on speed.

Instead of windows, the DOMI concept has big screens, so if you don’t like what’s going on outside, you could make the screen display a fireplace, or even show a movie while you relax on a sofa. Talk about removing yourself from the world. And for people looking for more than just a ride, DOMI would offer a Bluetooth connected steering wheel allowing the person on board take over the driving, in case you wanted to reconnect with the world around you.

Obviously DOMI is a high concept vehicle that won’t see the light of day for awhile, but’s it’s the kind of far-out car concept that gives me yet another reason to love the future.

Source: dvice.com 


Andrew Meggison

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