2015 Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition Revealed


Today at the New York International Auto Show, the 2015 Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition was revealed to excited Mustang enthusiasts around the world. This fully-loaded, special edition Mustang comes with just two options, and is limited to only 1,964 units for sale. Total. Better get those checkbooks ready.

Offered in either Wimbledon White or Kona Blue, with your choice of either an automatic or manual transmission, this fully-loaded 2015 Mustang is aimed at collectors wanting a special piece of Ford history. For the uninitiated, the 2015 Mustang is Ford’s most tech-heavy pony car ever, getting all sorts of features that launch it into the 21st century. This includes the 300+ horsepower 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine and aerodynamic enhancements like active grille shutters to a new generation SYNC system that offers unparalleled smartphone integration.

The 2015 Mustang is also the first Ford pony car to embrace lightweight aluminum construction to shed weight, shaving off some 300 pounds over the old model according to unofficial sources. The 50th Anniversary Edition will only be available with the thirsty 420 horsepower 5.0 liter V8, unfortunately, though I expect the 2.3 liter EcoBoost to prove wildly popular with us young folk, few of whom will be able to afford this limited edition Mustang anyways. Aimed specially at collectors, each 2015 Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition will come with a serialized plate signed by Bill Ford Jr. himself, making this a must-have for Mustang collectors.

For Ford fans, the 2015 Mustang is the biggest deal of the year, though there are still plenty of questions left unanswered. With Ford celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Mustang all week long, maybe we’ll finally get some answers. What do you want to know about Ford’s latest pony car?

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