2015 BMW M4 Convertible Cuts Emissions, Increases Power


Today at the 2014 New York International Auto Show, the 2015 BMW M4 Convertible, which made its world debut alongside the BMW X4 Sport Activity Coupe. Crossover coupe aside though, the new twin-turbo, inline-six cylinder engine in the M4 not only produces an enviable 425 horsepower, but Bimmer also managed to cut emissions some 25% while finding 90 pounds of excess weight to drop.

All told, the new BMW M4 Convertible is a sight to behold, whether its three-piece retractable hardtop is up or down. The 3.0 liter inline-six packs the BMW TwinPower Turbo system, increasing output to 425 horsepower and 406 ft-lbs of torque, a 40% increase in peak torque over its predecessor. Peak power is delivered between 5,500 and 7,300 RPMs, quite high for an inline-six, and peak torque is delivered between 1,850 and 5,500 RPM.

With the six-speed manual transmission, 0 to 60 MPH flies by in just 4.4 seconds, while the optional seven-speed M Double Clutch Transmission takes that time down to only 4.2 seconds. Meanwhile, BMW execs claim to have shaved 90 pounds off of the M4’s weight, while improving engine efficiency some 25%. What that actually translates to in real world MPG is anybody’s guess, and my guess pegs the M4 at the mid-20s at best.

After all, this is a twin-turbo convertible. Frankly, anything over 20 MPG on the highway is a small miracle.


BMW also introduced the BMW X4 “Sport Activity Coupe”, a segment BMW created for the larger BMW X6 crossover coupe dingus. Power comes from either a 240 horsepower 2.0 liter four-cylinder turbo, or a 300 horsepower turbocharged inline-six, and all BMW X4 models come with all-wheel drive standard. Fuel economy again goes unmentioned, but with a crosshairs set on Millennial buyers, I’m sure the BMW X4 will deliver competitive, if not class-leading fuel economy.

That’s all well and good, but compared to the BMW M4, it all just seems so…meh. Unless you’re into kayaking, I guess.

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