Saleen Tesla Model S Pics, Details Hit The Web


Following up on the sketch released on Molly Saleen’s Facebook page come more pictures and details about the upcoming Saleen Tesla Model S. This is the first attempt by Saleen add their own flair to an electric vehicle, and these latest pictures fill in the details. Carbon ceramic brakes and a carbon fiber rear diffuser are just of the few new features Saleen plans to add to the Model S, but still no word on performance.

As deduced from an earlier sketch, the Saleen Model S gets a new “aero management” package designed to improve airflow around the EV. This is an indirect way of improving both effieicny and performance without having to delve into the electric drivetrain. Carbon ceramic brake pads are generally reserved for trackday use, as they can stand excessive heat during prolonged races better.

Throw in some signature Saleen wheels, carbon fiber decklid trim, and a special Orange County Orange paintjob, and you’ve got an even faster-looking electric luxury sedan. The thesis for this project is a four-door futuristic supercar, and while the interior remains mostly untouched, the Saleen symbol is emblazoned on all four headrests as Saleen is want to do.


Beyond that though, Saleen is remaining mum on any performance enhancements. As I suggested yesterday, grippier tires could improve handling and acceleration. Combined with better aerodynamics, perhaps Saleen Model S can get its 0 to 60 MPH time down to just 3.5 seconds, faster even than the Tesla Roadster. There’s only so much faster you can go from there, though the Roadster successor is said to push the envelope on performance.

Seems like Tesla is disrupting the aftermarket auto industry too, and it’s good to have a guy like Steve Saleen on the right side of history. Because at the end of the day, a cool, fast car is still a cool, fast car, and having Saleen modifying the Model S might give some doubters second thoughts.

Saleen is a guy who’s been around cars for a long time, and if he thinks there’s something to the Tesla Model S, then it must be something special.

Source: Saleen Facebook page

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