2015 Chevy Cruze Shows Its Malibu-Fresh Face

2015 Chevrolet Cruze LTZ

The 2015 Chevy Cruze brings a new look and more features to the bowtie sedan, including a mobile 4G LTE hotspot for up to seven tech-savvy users. In fact, the whole thing has been made more Millennial-friendly for its debut at the New York Auto Show, with an infotainment system that reads text messages, and the promise of more apps downloaded directly to your car.

That’s in addition to the Malibu-esque new front end, giving the Cruze a modest refresh that certainly didn’t stretch the collective imagination of the designers. Reshaped cup holders on the inside are designed to be more useful following plenty of consumer complaints, which I assume led to the relocation the door locks from the center console to the doors (an annoying feature also shared with the Sonic).

But the biggest new addition is the available 4G LTE mobile hotspot, which connects with up to seven other devices. Where might you need such a hotspot? Well a music festival for one, or one a road trip with a bunch of your friends who want to share on-the-go photos, but don’t want to use their own data plans. GM claims better coverage through the OnStar network, though pricing info wasn’t shared. Engine options remain unchanged, including the 46 MPG Cruze Diesel.

So the 2015 Chevy Cruze gives us a few meaningful updates to make up for the lackluster new look. Seems fair enough. Don’t suppose we’ll ever get that Cruze hatchback though, will we?

Source: Chevrolet

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