Saleen Tesla Model S Revealed In Sketch


Performance car special Saleen has revealed the first sketch for its modified Tesla Model S, without revealing any specs or details on the amped-up EV. The first finished Model S will be revealed this spring, and without any more info to go on, our imagination is left to run free. So here’s my wish list for a Saleen Model S

Assuming the Saleen Tesla Model S is based on the P85+, with its Brembo brakes and 416 horsepower, there is only so much the aftermarket specialist can modify. A lower, stiffer suspension appears to be on the plate, and could give the heavy EV better track handling. That said, I’m not sure if Saleen employs the specialists needed to get more power out of the dual electric motors, though grippier tires could put available power better use. With a Viper-beating 3.9 second 0 to 60 MPH time, better tires could shave a few more tenths off that time with the right driver.

Judging from the sketch, which was revealed on Molly Saleen’s Facebook page, Saleen has added its own take on a spoiler for the Model S, and the bodywork also looks heavily modified, in addition to bigger wheels. I’m sure Saleen badges will adorn the leather interior, exterior body panels, and dashboard as well.

Truth be told, I’m not really digging the spoiler. Like, at all. But given that Steve Saleen is taking a bold step in new direction with the company that is his legacy, I’m willing to overlook the over-styled spoiler. and I’m eager to see what else Saleen has planned for the Tesla Model S. So far, we’ve only seen a few tastefully-modified Teslas on the road, and with a legacy like Saleens, I can’t imagine being disappointed with the final product.

Source: Molly Saleen

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