Honda Accord Hybrid Is In Demand, But Supply Limits Sales


The 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid is so popular in Japan, that U.S. showrooms are having trouble keeping them in stock. The culprit?A lack of batteries. So even though the Accord is built in Ohio, where the new NSX will also call home, Honda’s home market has first dibs on the hybrid battery, resulting in low U.S. sales despite rave reviews.

Between October 2013 and February 2014, Honda sold just 2,414 Accord Hybrids in the U.S., compared to over 6,000 in Japan. Despite strong demand, especially following the end of Honda Insight production, some U.S. dealers have to put interested parties on a waiting list. That said, a quick inventory search of New England Honda dealers reveals about a dozen new Accord Hybrids awaiting new owners.

In other words, the Accord Hybrid hasn’t hit Fit EV levels of popularity yet.

But I can understand why so many people are keen to buy one for themselves. The Accord Hybrid felt more like a turbocharged sedan than a 50 MPG fuel-sipper, and its starting MSRP makes it a keen competitor for consumer dollars. I’ve recommended several friends check one out after my time behind the wheel, and buyers are obviously responding.

For its part, Honda is looking to increase battery supply, though failed to deliver on specifics or timing. Honda finally has a legitimate Prius competitor, and the only thing holding sales back is…Honda. Let’s hope they get it sorted out soon.

Source: Wards Auto

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