IndyCar 2014 Spotter's Guide: Toyota GP of Long Beach

If you’re new to IndyCar racing (or, like us, have been away for a while) you might be having a tough time making out who’s who during the action-packed races. Indeed, IndyCar features some of the fastest, most talented drivers in the world in pretty evenly-matched machinery. As such, your confusion is entirely forgivable.

It was, at least. This week, IndyCar released the handy-dandy spotter’s guide, below, to help you follow the action at Long Beach!

If you haven’t seen to many open-wheel races, check out today’s Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach on the NBC Sports live feed this afternoon. You’ll see why North America’s premier open-wheel racing league pretty quickly, so keep the spotter’s guide handy, and try not mix up the Penske cars (they’re the Verizon-sponsored Chevrolets with similar red/white/black liveries- I mix them up all the time, still). Enjoy!


Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach / IndyCar Spotter’s Guide

IndyCar 2014 Drivers Spotter's Guide

Source: IndyCar, via Jalopnik.

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