Video: 1000 HP Cornzilla GT-R Invades Europe

Based in Oberlin, Ohio and surrounded by cornfields and fast country roads, Switzer Performance is no stranger to mega-fast, ethanol-fueled street beasts. It’s rare, however, that one of the firm’s 200 MPH hyper cars makes its way to Europe, however, so when the first of the company’s “Cornzilla” E1K engines (Ethanol-optimized, 1000+ HP = E1K) found its way under the hood of a Dutch Nissan back in January, it was news. Now, the car is ready and- as you can see- it’s spitting noise and fire all over Holland.

In addition to the Switzer Performance-spec E1K engine, the guys at Total Car (who prepared the car) also fitted the R35 Nissan GTR with a Pfitzner Performance gearbox loaded with custom PPG gears, while a Dodson clutch and transmission internals struggle to keep them together under the massive power of the engine. An HKS-sourced auxiliary transmission cooler and transmission pan help with that, as well, while a set of AP racing brakes help haul the super-rapid car down from triple-digit speeds.

To get a sense of what one of Switzer/Total Car’s E1K “Cornzilla” GTRs is like, check out the in-car video, below- or ride along for this 8.4 second 1/4 mile run. And, while you’re here witnessing what a car optimized for ethanol’s ultra-high octane can do, you might as well check out this post featuring three graphs that prove ethanol doesn’t raise food prices. Enjoy!


Source | Images: Total Car Concept BV, via Yannick, and Bas Boersma.

Full disclosure: Switzer Performance was my 9-5 for several years, and I’ve known the Switzer boys even longer than that. They’re good friends, they stood at my wedding, and I’ve cried at them, on them, and because of them a number of times. That said, the stopwatch/dynamometer doesn’t lie. Good job, guys!

Jo Borrás

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