Video: Behind The Scenes Of The Tesla Coast-to-Coast Rally

It took 15 Tesla employees just three days to cross America using the new Supercharger network, and this video takes a behind-the-scenes look at the journey. This includes an epic Colorado snow storm that tested both the Tesla, and the crew’s winter endurance.

With the completion of the cross-country Tesla Supercharger network (though new chargers are still being added every week), the automaker wasted no time sending its crew, along with a camera car, into America’s vast landscape for a journey of epic proportions. Never before has an electric vehicle crossed the North American continent in so little time, and while we already know how the coast-to-coast rally ends, this behind the scenes look fills in the details of the trip.

But enough of my yammering. Tesla does a fine job, using few words, to show the determination and effort that went into this journey. It’s well worth six minutes of your morning to check it out while we eagerly await Part 2.

Source: Tesla

Christopher DeMorro

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