Quantcast’s Research Shows Tesla Drivers' Web Usage Stats


The Tesla Model S features a full web browser that can be used at any time on the 17-inch touchscreen, and a recent study reveals how its drivers use it to browse their favorite sites. The study was performed by Quantcast, and examined 463,000 pageviews during a 30-day period. Any pages that received fewer than 100 views during this period were excluded in order to eliminate outlying data.

The categorical breakdown of pageviews goes as follows:

Tesla Web Stats Category

As may have been expected, Tesla’s upper income level customers frequented news sites most and the Drudge Report was one of the heavy hitters in this category, confirming many Tesla owners’ interest in world events. Local news sites and financial news sites each took a 26% piece of the news page pie (13.5% overall), while the sports news category revealed an interesting insight; surfing website Surfline was among the most visited sports pages. At first thought this may seem out of the ordinary, but by looking at a map of the 8 states with the highest page view count, it may make more sense.

Sunny California takes a large cut with 66% of all pageviews originating from within its borders, while Georgia and Texas account for 9% and 8%, respectively. Rounding out the list in order are New York, Illinois, Washington, Ohio, Washington DC. These 8 states made up a combined 99% of the studies results.

Tesla Web Stats Location

Time-based statistics show when Tesla owners are doing their most browsing. Peak hours coincide with commute times (7a-9a, 5p-7p) and show heavy traffic to financial sites, while lunch hours (1p-3p) show a change to entertainment based sites while people look to escape the daily grind.

Tesla Web Stats Time

The Tesla Model S has a first-of-its-kind touchscreen and web browser as standard in a large-scale production car, and studies such as this will reveal the reliance we place on accessible data, even inside our cars. As cars get caught up with today’s gadget technologies, mobile networks will need to increase coverage as buyers get used to this kind of constant connectivity.

Source: Quantcast

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