Video: Cadillac ELR v. Chevy Volt on the Smoking Tire

GM is currently offering a pair of highly visible, market-leading plug-in hybrid cars that, in many ways, are going after the same buyer. I’m speaking, of course, about the Cadillac ELR and the Chevy Volt– which, despite the big gap in price tags and the number of door handles you’ll find on them, really do both attract high-earning, environmentally conscious buyers who want their car to make a statement. So, given that there are plenty of people buying Chevy’s class-leading hybrid who could afford the Caddy, will a lot of them make the jump?

More importantly: is the Cadillac ELR worth the jump to nearly $80,000?

In this video, Smoking Tire hosts Matt Farah and his fellow tester, Zack Klapman, take turns comparing the pros and cons of the two GM PHEVs. Throughout the video, they sing the praises of both, despite calling the Cadillac ELR a “hit and miss” for GM on a few occasions. What were they talking about?

You’ll have to watch the video, above, for the full story. Enjoy!


Source | Images: the Smoking Tire.

Jo Borrás

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