Tesla Model S Crash Safety Training Video

It may be the safest car ever tested, but that doesn’t mean the Tesla Model S is immune to crashes– and the fully-electric sedan presents a whole new class of hazards to first responders and emergency workers compared to conventional, ICE-powered cars. To help train first responders, Tesla teamed up with professional emergency workers to address some of the misinformation, mythology, and urban legend surrounding electric vehicles.

Without getting too overly technical or pitchy in re: the NHTSA’s Tesla Model S crash safety results, the video does a great job explaining how EVs and PHEVs work, what kind of components they have, and how those components work from the point of view of police, firefighters, and EMTs. It’s a good primer, in other words, to use with non-car people (or people like Chris’ Tea Party pundit friend, who are car people- but only insofar as they know stuff about cars from a generation or two ago) who may have some “out there” beliefs about EV safety.


Source: Chrismas, via Autoblog.

Jo Borrás

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