Video: Nissan ZEOD RC LeMans Racer Gets Tested

The ultra-lightweight, super-advanced Nissan ZEOD RC racer is set to take on LeMans this summer- hoping to show the world that the race isn’t always to the swiftest. Sometimes, the race is to the smartest, and the combination of Nissan and alien-brained smarty-pants Ben Bowlby is definitely one of the smartest the sport of endurance racing has ever seen.

For 2014, the Nissan ZEOD RC will be operating out Garage 56- LeMans’ historic “advanced technology” grid position reserved for advanced technologies that don’t quite fit into the existing GT or prototype classes. The car will use its electric motors throughout the race, as well as one of the most exciting new engines in recent memory- an engine which we get to hear roar in anger, for the first time on a proper racetrack, in the Nissan/Nismo produced video, above.

Throughout the video, above, watch for PlayStation GT Academy graduate Wolfgang Reip looking pretty convincing both in front of the camera and behind the wheel of the ZEOD RC. I’ve also included a few stills from the video, below. Check out the future of racing, then, and let us know what you think of the ZEOD’s chances in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Source | Images: Nismo Channel.

Jo Borrás

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