What Would Buddha Drive?


At EdenKeeper we aren’t afraid of providing affirmative answers to your deep theological questions. We’ve analyzed the Bible and told you what Jesus would drive if he was still performing miracles and healing the afflicted today. We looked closely at Greek mythology and figured out that Zeus would drive a Chevy (thunder)Volt when he wanted “bolt” Mount Olympus. Now we’re moving on to more difficult territory and considering: What would the Buddha drive?

Your first thought may be, “Buddha wouldn’t drive! He would walk or bike!” And perhaps you’re right. We don’t know much about the Buddha. He was born as Siddhartha Gautama in Nepal around 2,500 years ago. According to the traditional story, he had a privileged upbringing, but was jolted from his sheltered life after he realized that suffering is one of life’s truths. After some deep reflection and meditation, he became “enlightened” and began to travel the subcontinent, expounding the dharma. It’s his extensive traveling that makes me think that foot and pedal wouldn’t have cut it — the Buddha needs four wheels and an engine.

So what kind would he drive? The lotus is the Buddhist symbol of enlightenment, so as the “Enlightened One” the Buddha may have chosen a Lotus Esprit with an Omnivore engine. First unveiled in 2009, the Omnivore engine operates on any combination of gasoline or alcohol at equally optimum efficiency and power. The only problem is that Lotus hasn’t installed an Omnivore engine in any of its vehicles. And it’s equally hard to imagine the Buddha buying a flashy, sports car that would only further his attachment to vices like alcohol and oil.

No, the Buddha would want a simpler form of transport. A vehicle that would allow him to connect to the world outside himself. He wouldn’t be attached to symbols like the lotus. In fact, he wouldn’t even be attached to a type of car at all. Hmmm . . . maybe it’s wrong to see him as a car owner. Perhaps the Buddha would rent his ride.

I could see peer-to-peer car rental programs really appealing to the Buddha. In a resource-constrained/socially-isolated modern world, this kind of ongoing recycling between members of a community expounds the “one-ness” so inherent in Buddha’s teachings. He might decide to use programs like Getaround and JustShareIt instead of actually purchasing his own vehicle.

I suppose the next question to answer is whether he would download the apps on an iPhone or Android.

Image Credit: Kathrine via Flickr

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Robyn Purchia

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