Video: Top Gear Falls For The Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive

Top Gear has run afoul of electric car fans before, but host Jeremy Clarkson positively charged about the performance of the Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive. In a competition of one Mercedes supercar vs. another, the all-electric one comes out on top, albeit with an expensive asterisk.

In previous video segments, Top Gear has been accused by Tesla Motors of slandering their electric Roadster, and other videos have not portrayed EVs or hybrids in what you might call a favorable light, even though Top Gear itself has “gone green” as it were. But those vehicles were all boring, pedestrian cars. The Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive is a 740 horsepower supercar fitted with a Formula One suspension and some of the most advanced EV technology in the world.

This all comes at an enormous price, of course, and as Clarkson shows, using that power liberally results in a battery that depletes at a frantic pace. Still, it’s a joy watching the soundless electric supercar leave its gas-powered competitor in the dust.

It’s a metaphor for the future leaving the past behind, come to life in the form of Mercedes supercars driven by a man who’s finally warming up to electric vehicles.

Source: Top Gear

Christopher DeMorro

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