Video: Works Electric Baker Is An Easy Ridin’ Electric Chopper

Custom chopper builders go to great lengths to do something different, and the Works Electric “Baker” provides plenty of easy riding with zero emissions. The one-of-a-kind $25,000 electric chopper is a leather-clad step in a different direction for the Oregon-based scooter builder.

The TIG-welded aluminum frame houses an induction electric motor offering 70 horsepower and 85 ft-lbs of torque cooled by a simple ram-air mechanism. The 6.1 kWh lithium-ion battery pack is said to provide 60 miles of mixed-used driving range, and the Baker will top out at 110 MPH according to building and Works Electric owner Brad Baker. The weakest point in the Baker is the recharge time, which takes about 6 hours.

But the thing about the Baker is that it’s a unique vehicle, and Works Electric would be happy to build you a custom chopper that chargers faster and drives farther. The Baker is meant to showcase what Works Electric can do for other customers, who might prefer a more traditional looking chopper, or on the other hand, something more 21st century.

Outfits like Orange County Choppers have dabbled in alternative fuel rides, though EV builders have been slow to appeal to this bastion of customized vehicles. It takes a builder of a badass off-road electric scooter to tackle this fickle group of vehicle enthusiasts, and it’s hard to find fault with the simple industrial styling and electric drivetrain of the Works Electric custom chopper. I’ll admit though, the sound may take some getting used to.

Source: Autoblog Green | Works Electric

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