Tesla Model X Reservations Exceed 12,000


12,133. That’s the number of Tesla Model X reservations that have been placed so far, and with production still a year away, that number could easily go up. The third vehicle to bear the Tesla badge could be its biggest hit yet, especially in China, which isn’t included in these numbers.

A few important footnotes to point out. The 12,133 reservations marked by members of the Tesla fan club message board are for one of two versions of the Model X; the early-production, fully-loaded Signature series, and the regular Production run that will follow. To reserve a SIgnature series Model X, you’ve got to put down $40,000 with your reservation, rather than the standard $5,000 deposit. The Model X will come with all-wheel drive standard, making it a little more costly than the Model S.

The list itself notes that anyone who initially reserved a Production Model X, and then upgraded to the Signature series, would be double counted. The tally also doesn’t include any cancellations, or people who haven’t manually checked in with the forum wiki post. If it’s true that the Tesla flagship store in Hong Kong is also its busiest, then there are surely more than 11 orders for the Model X coming in.

Black Sheep Planet tallied up the numbers, and estimates that Tesla is holding just shy of $113 million in deposits for the Model X, a car that hasn’t been seen (except for in spy photos) in over a year. As long as Tesla delivers the product they promised, falcon-wings and all, it won’t be a problem.

The Tesla Model S is a tough act to follow for any automaker, Tesla included.

Source: Black Sheep Planet | Tesla Motors Fan Club

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