Hybrid Luxury Hovercraft Lets You Float Above The Little People


There are some upsides widespread wealth inequality facing the world these days, like the Mercier-Jones Supercraft hybrid luxury hovercraft. If it weren’t for billionaires, who would buy this $75,000 hovercraft, which the Chicago-based company says will smash speed records and give well-heeled buyers a maritime alternative to the gridlock affecting many metro areas.

Inspired by car brands like Aston Martin and Bugatti, the Supercraft makes extensive use of carbon fiber and lightweight metal alloys to keep the weight around 700 pounds. For the price of a Cadillac ELR, Supercraft will build you a two-passenger hovercraft powered by dual 60-horsepower two-rotor electric motors and a lithium-ion battery pack changed by a gasoline engine. The hybrid drivetrain allows for up to 120 miles of hovering at around 40 MPH, though the company is confident its hovercraft can break the current land and sea speed records of 56.25 MPH and 86.5 MPH, respectively.

Mercier has been hard at work on his hovercraft for years now, and despite some doubters, the Supercraft finally seems ready for the real world…and just in time. In a harbor city like Chicago, the Supercraft would be a great way to get around the traffic congestion that snarls Chi-town every morning. Then again, the lack of a real roof could make for some frosty early-morning commutes, though in a sunnier place like SoCal, a fixed roof could be considered a drawback Mercier-Jones will initially build 10 Collector Edition Supercrafts before following up with a run of 50 more of the $75,000 luxury hovercrafts.

Though unlikely to “revolutionize personal transportation” as the company claims, the Mercier-Jones Supercraft could make hovercrafts cool again when the first ones float out this May. Hovercrafts used to be cool, right?


Christopher DeMorro

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