Recycled Hawtness: Laverda 750 Cafe Racer, by Wrenchmonkees

Laverda 750 Cafe Racer

Ah, the Laverda 750. Like many motorcyclists with an eye for the classics, I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Laverdas. They aren’t Ducatis, and they aren’t Moto Guzzis. They’re not even Aprilias, and they’re certainly not Bimotas, but there’s no disputing that the Laverda name has certainly appeared on some of the best looking bikes of the 1970s and 80s. Nothing too exciting, mind you- but neat. If the Laverda factory had built a 750 that looked like this cut-down cafe racer, however, you have to think the Laverda 750 would have had a better legacy.

Heck- forget about a legacy. If they’d looked like this from the factory, the Laverda 750 would have been the stuff of legend.


Custom Everything

Built by the cafe bike wizards at Wrenchmonkees, the one-time Laverda 750 you see here still packs the 750 cc parallel-twin that gave the bike its name. The Dell’Orto carb is still there, as is the main section of the frame- but little else remains. The suspension and brakes up front are all-new, as are the clip-on style handlebars. At the back, what looks like a custom swing arm with a modern shock absorber keep the bike rideable beneath a custom seat with hand-stitched quilted leather.

That seat looks pretty inviting, don’t you think?

You can check out some of my favorite Wrenchmonkees Laverda 750 photos, below. If that’s not enough, head on over to Sub5Zero for the full 22-photo gallery and a few more tidbits about Wrenchmonkees’ latest statement bike. Enjoy!












Source | Photos: Wrenchmonkees, via Sub5Zero.

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