Edmunds Seems to Have Beef With Tesla Model S


The Tesla Model S is a modern day space ship that is topping the sales charts, and effectively convincing ex-Formula 1 drivers and Indy 500 winners to part with their money. It’s been called the best car in the world by the sort of people who aren’t prone to hyperbole, and it’s been called the safest car ever built. By all accounts- except that one clown named “Jim” that keeps polluting the comments section- Tesla’s Model S is a grand slam supercar.

Over at Edmunds, however, the Model S doesn’t seem to be impressing anyone- something Zachary Shahan, over at our sister site, CleanTechnica, noticed earlier this week. I’ve reprinted his observations here, for your amusement. Enjoy!


Hatin’ On The Tesla Model S Seems To Be An Edmunds Pastime (via Clean Technica)

I’m completely aware that people can have their own preferences and opinions, but one of my friends (and a regular CleanTechnica reader) recently noticed that the crew at Edmunds have quite the negative opinion of the Tesla Model S… despite the…

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