Video: No Performance Version Of The Cadillac ELR Planned

Cadillac has injected a lot of performance into its luxury lineup by adding the coveted “V” to popular models, but there is no Cadillac ELR-V planned. That’s the word from GM’s Mark Reuss, who explained to Driving The Nation why a performance variant of the fuel-sipping Cadillac isn’t in the works.

The question actually stems a query regarding GM’s Magnetic Ride Control system, a suspension system found on models like the Camaro ZL1 and Corvette Stingray that significantly improves handling. Reuss notes that the MRC system takes up a lot of energy, which would eat into the ELR’s electric-only range. Also, he made the kinda face that says “Uh, no, not happening.” It sounds like the inclusion of the system was considered, but the power draw negated any potential benefits. I can’t imagine how much it would add to the cost of the ELR either.

With 201 horsepower, the Cadillac ELR is about 33% more powerful than the Chevy Volt that it’s based on, but I’m always looking for more power. That extra power would have to come from a beefier electric motor at the very least, though Reuss does mention the probability of future “tuning” packages and options for those few daring ELR customers.

While I lament the lack of a Cadillac ELR-V, it’d really only serve to make an already-expensive car even more expensive. Then again, it could convince some people that hybrids aren’t so bad after all.

Source: Driving The Nation

Christopher DeMorro

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