Beijing’s Bird Nest Olympic Arena To Host First Formula E Race


The first-ever race of the 2014 Formula E Championship will take place at the Bird’s Nest stadium built for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. The electric race cars will duke it out on a 2.14 mile race course encircling the National Stadium, as it is officially called.

While Beijing is battling epic levels of pollution and smog, the Chinese capital also serves as the inaugural starting point for the first Formula E season. The track will go around both the National Stadium and the Beijing National Aquatics Center, featuring a unique U-shaped pit stop area with spectator seating. From Beijing, the series moves to Malaysia before crossing over to America and Europe, and the Bird’s Nest might not be the only former Olympic site on the schedule.


It’s a high-profile venue for a racing series that has brought on some of the biggest names in the racing world, from Andretti to Drayson, with 20 drivers competing for 10 different teams. The Formula E race will last for 60 minutes, with drivers swapping cars about halfway through.

It’s a great place to put on an electric race, giving second life to an Olympic venue that impressed the whole world. Maybe the Formula E race will help change the minds of Beijing’s many skeptical consumers, who have been slow adopt hybrid and electric cars.

Source: Formula E

Christopher DeMorro

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