London Electric Car Scheme Gets Billionaire Backing

Bollore London Billionaire

French billionaire Vincent Bollore will be backing an all-electric car sharing network in London that he hopes to have fully operational by the start of 2015. The program will use a number of the Pininfarina designed B0 electric city cars we covered upon their debut in 2011, which have been in operation in a similar car-sharing scheme in Paris since 2012.

You can read more about Mr. Bollore’s plans for expanding Autolib (like a car library, get it?) into London in this article by Jake Richardson, from our sister site, Planetsave, below. I’ve also included a few photos of Bollore’s electric cars at the bottom of the page- enjoy!


Billionaire To Support Electric Car Network In London (via Planetsave)

Billionaire Vincent Bollore will back an electric car sharing network in London. The system will have thousands of electric vehicle charging stations and should be operating in late 2014 or early 2015. Bollore heads the Bollore Group, which is a family…


2014 Pininfarina Bollore Autolib

2014 Pininfarina Bollore Autolib

2014 Pininfarina Bollore Autolib

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