Ohio State University Fields Electric Motorcycle Race Team

OSU Electric Motorcycle

College ain’t what it used to be, and that’s a good thing. Ohio State University introduced a program that allowed engineering students to build a TTZero/TTXGP class electric motorcycle that- one day- may make it to the grid at the legendary Isle of Man TT.

The updated RW2 motorcycle shown here is the second all-electric racing motorcycle to come from Ohio State since the program’s inception in 2010. The first bike, the RW1, had a top speed in excess of 140 MPH- and the RW2 promises to be even faster thanks to its reduced weight, improved aerodynamics, and more powerful electric power unit. OSU’s RW2 is packing the equivalent of 70 HP (plus LOTS of torque) and battery capacity roughly equal to that of a Chevrolet Volt, necessary to traverse the 37.7 mile course at the Snaefell Mountain round of the TTXGP Championship.

You can read more about the program from OSU’s website …

During the academic year, the team designs and builds a two-wheeled electric racing motorcycle to participate to the Time Trial Extreme Grand Prix (TTXGP) Championship. TTXGP is currently a set of three international circuits (North America, United Kingdom, and Europe). Each circuit is comprised of approximately four different races, with the top teams from each circuit competing in Spain for the World Championship.

This project promotes leadership in electric transportation conversion, energy storage systems, advanced traction system, and system integration. At the same time, team members gain vital engineering, business, and communication skills applicable to real-world jobs.

… and check out some of the Ohio State University’s TTXGP engineering team, along with the RW1, in the photos below.


Ohio State University Engineering

Source | Photos: the Ohio State University, via Torque News.

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