Open Source Race Team Headed for LeMans 2015

Perrin Open Source LeMans

Are you a would-be car designer with a passion for motorsports, an appreciation for the thrill and spectacle of LeMans, and a teeny, tiny feeling that you- if you were given a chance- could design a car that would crush the dominant-for-several-years-now Audi hybrids and scare Porsche so badly they’d have to put their new 919 hybrid supercar on Xanax to keep it from bolting away from the starting grid? Well, my friend, you should definitely head on over to and see what those zany kids are doing, because they’re crowdsourcing an all-wheel drive hybrid LeMans entry.

An all wheel drive hybrid LeMans entry, that is, that they’re planning to take to the big show as early as next year. (!!)

The Perrinn guys aren’t a bunch of college-level hopefuls, though, so don’t start thinking they’re crowdsourcing it in the quad. These guys have some legit Formula 1 credentials at Williams and have already designed LeMans contenders at Courage and Pescarolo. “We are a manufacturer, not a customer team,” explains Nicolas Perrin, who is heaidng up the project. “We are a real race car project, not (an experiment). What makes myTeam such an attractive proposition for participants is the free access to open source data like car design, financial data, race strategy and more. Fans, followers and sponsors are truly inside the team, behind the scenes, with us.”

The design work is incredibly detailed, from the cockpit …


… to, wow. All this …


… which, yeah. That’s really damn near every part you need to build your very own all-wheel drive LeMans prototype to go racing against the big boys. Which, now that I think about it, is really the point ofthe whole exercise.

You can download all the 3D models of Perrinn’s open source race car at this link. It includes multiple 3D files, STL and STEP files, and instructions on how to submit any improvements you may have to the 200 MPH all-wheel drive hybrid rocket car. You know, if you think you can 1-up an ex Formula 1 engineer. Let us know!


Source | Photos: Perrinn MyTeam.

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