Can You Plug a Chainsaw into an Electric Car?

We’ve talked about using an EV as a battery or using an electric car to power a home in case of a blackout or emergency. Still, a lot of people out there are confused by the whole, wacky car-to-grid concept, and ask a lot of nutty questions. This question, though, is by far my favorite: can you plug a chainsaw into an electric car?

I mean, I have no idea … but I’d love to find out! Anyone out there have an EV and an electric chainsaw to try out? Let us know. Until then, check out the original article/book review from Derek Markham over at our sister site, Planetsave. Enjoy!


Can You Plug Your Chainsaw into the Cigarette Lighter of an Electric Car? (via Planetsave)

Even with all of the stories on electric cars in the news each day, and entire websites dedicated to electric vehicles, people still have a lot of questions about them. Some of those questions are pretty straightforward and practical, such as how long…

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