The Great Bruce Meyers Drives the Zelectric Bug (w/ Video)

Zelectric Bug

When Bruce Meyers stripped the body off an old Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle and fitted a light, fiberglass tub to it some fifty-odd years ago, he invented the dune buggy. He might have called it the Meyers Manx, but we all know it’s a dune buggy. Regardless of what you call the iconic beachcomber, however- *cough* dune buggy *cough* you surely realize the impact it had on VW culture. Recently, however, the great Bruce Meyers went for a drive in what might be the future of said car-culture niche: the all-electric Zelectric Bug.

Zelectric has been building top-notch electric cars with a retro twist for a few years now. What they haven’t done, as far as I know, is apply the same high-tech power unit to something like the Meyers Manx. Not that others haven’t built electric Baja-style racers, but the Manx is fun where they’re … I dunno. Depressingly serious?

Let’s go with that.

Check out the video, below, to see Bruce Meyers behind the wheel of the Zelectric Bug and give his take on the forward-looking throwback. Then, let us know what you think of the car in the comments.


Sources | Images: Zelectric Motors, via Jalopnik.

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