Jet Powered Truck Drifting in the Desert (w/ Video)

jet powered truck

Sometimes you know you like someone the moment you meet them. It’s a certain nod to the head or a shared awkwardness or the fact that they showed up to the party sideways in a 100 MPH, jet powered truck cab and chassis that has no business being sideways, going 100 MPH, or having a jet engine mounted between the frame rails. It’s in this third category that the guys from Wrightspeed fall, and I like them.

There’s more to know about the big go-fast truck, however. For one, it’s called the Route, and it’s a hybrid. The Route uses an ultra-efficient turbine engine from Capstone to power a big, heavy battery pack mounted between the Isuzu’s frame rails (also, it’s an Isuzu). The combination is enough for Wrightspeed to cater to the class 3 to class 6 commercial market consisting of 11,000 GVWR to 26,000 GVWR. That weight rating would make the truck a viable option to Ford F650 and Mitsubishi Fuso fleet customers- also known as “anyone and everyone operating commercial fleets, including companies like Cintas, UPS, Waste Management, Brinks, Frito Lay, etc.,” according to Wrightspeed.

The ultra-efficient Route’s power train looks like this …

Wrightspeed Route truck

… but you don’t care about that. You want to see this jet powered truck drifting across the desert at 100 MPH in screaming, low emission, hybrid-electric, helicopter chasing glory. So do I. Here’s the video.


Source | Images: Wrightspeed, via Hybrid Cars andOle Schell.

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