Tesla Planning Aggressive European Expansion

model-s-europeTesla Superchargers should cover most of Europe by the end of 2014, according to Elon Musk, with 30 new Tesla stores planned for the Old World as well. It’s part of a plan to aggressively market the Model S to foreign customers, with Musk expecting European and Asian sales to almost double North American sales this year.

Musk has been vocally bullish on Tesla’s prospects in China, saying it could become necessary to build a factory there in the future. Norway has also taken a shine to the Tesla Model S, making it the best-selling vehicle in the cold northern country for a month. But outside of Norway and Germany, Tesla sales have been tepid. That will soon change with the addition of 30 new Tesla service stations and stores, about doubling the company’s presence on the continent.

There will also be more Superchargers soon as well, enough to cover travel anywhere in the Old World. There are about 14 Supercharging stations open right now, and at least 6 of those are in Norway, with the remainder spread out over Central Europe. With a right-hand drive Model S coming for English drivers soon, and the promise of more stores, service stations, and Superchargers, Elon Musk is putting a crosshairs on Europe’s elite as Tesla sales in America flatten out.

With all the extra taxes levied on gas-burning luxury cars, and the many incentives offered to EV buyers, there are no doubt buyers waiting for a reason to buy a Tesla Model S. This could be the push those fence-sitters need.

Source: Automotive News

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