Xtracycle Cargo Bike is Ready to Move You (w/ Video)

We’ve covered a number of utility bikes over the years. Whether they’re single-purpose beer haulers or diesel-powered, turbocharged motorcycles, however, the idea of a light, nimble, 2-wheeled cargo hauler has inspired us more than once. Now, specialty bike-builder Xtracycle is hoping to earn your business with its new EdgeRunner, which can not only carry bags or boxes with ease, but accommodate a passenger or two as well.

The EdgeRunner cargo bike combines a passenger seat, a bike rack, a bike bag, and more, into a “long-tail” cargo bike that promises nimble handling and light weight in a relatively affordable package. Ecopreneurist‘s Derek Markham has more on the EdgeRunner, below.


Xtracycle’s EdgeRunner Could be the Ultimate in Urban Cargo Bikes (via Ecopreneurist)

One of the most sustainable forms of transportation that we have is the humble bicycle, as it’s efficient, affordable, and doesn’t require any type of fossil fuels to operate. But one major drawback to using bicycles for everyday transportation…

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