Apple CarPlay Previewed in 2014 Volvo Estate Concept

When Volvo revealed its new Estate concept car last month, it also happened to show off something it called “The New In-Car Experience”, without mentioning anything about Apple CarPlay. Most auto journalists, myself included, promptly dismissed the slick user interface as a CGI fantasy that wasn’t gonna happen- especially in light of the fact that Volvo had totally revamped its own Sensus in-house operating system just a few months earlier. Surely, the thinking went, this is all hocus-nonsense. The real story is- it must be!- the slinky good looks of the estate, which preview next year’s 4-door-having V70 Volvo wagon and S80 sedan.

They were wrong. We were wrong. I was wrong.

The new Volvo Estate does, indeed, preview the upcoming 2015 Volvo V70 wagon in the same way that the Volvo XC Coupe concept is little more than a gussied-up 2 door version of the upcoming 2015 Volvo XC90 SUV. Both of those new vehicles, however, will have one more thing in common with the concept versions: this interior, and (what is now known to be) Apple CarPlay.

Watch the video, above, to see how Apple CarPlay will play nice with the next wave of new Volvos, and check out the photo galleries, below, to see why I’m really, really excited about the new Volvo wagons.


Volvo Estate Concept | Interior

Volvo Estate Concept | Exterior

Source | Images: Volvo.

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