2015 Acura NSX Racer is Here to Make Your Weekend (w/ Video)

2015 Acura NSX Race Car Video

That upcoming 2015 Acura NSX (aka Honda NSX) that’s set to be built in Ohio and delivered first to either Jerry Seinfeld or Jay Leno can’t get here soon enough. That’s the feeling of most car enthusiasts, anyway- as for everyone else involved in GT racing, however, they’re probably not too keen to have Honda show back up and start winning again. You know, like they did in F1 all through the 80s and early 90s and in pretty much every form of racing they’ve ever involved themselves in.

So, depending on which side of the pit wall you’re on, the 2015 Acura NSX racing teaser video you’re about to watch will either have you excited for Honda’s return to F1 and big-time GT endurance racing next year, or terrify you to your core.

Think of it as a thinly-veiled threat to whatever competitors dare show up to challenge the new NSX in IMSA’s GTLM class. As a Honda fan and habitual buyer of many of their wheeled and motorized things, you know which side I’m on. Here’s the video, which promises to be the best one I post on Gas 2 today. Enjoy!


Source: Honda, via Autoblog.

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