Hydrogen Fuel Gets Way Cheap Thanks to New Materials

The age of hydrogen fuel has been “10 years away” for nearly 30 years now. That’s despite claims from carmakers like GM and Toyota paving the way with new and exciting hydrogen fuel cell powered concept cars every few years. The biggest barrier to entry for hydrogen was never the car manufacturers or shipping companies, however. It wasn’t even the infrastructure! No, the biggest barrier to mainstream adoption of fuel cells has always been the cost of the fuel, itself.

Now, however, a new technology is promising to dramatically reduce the cost of hydrogen fuel production. It’s big, and, if the process works, it may truly spell the end for fossil fuels. Gas 2’s sister site, Planetsave, has more on the story coming out of the University of Wisconsin, below.


Hydrogen Fuel Production Gets Big Boost From Cheap New Material (via Planetsave)

While hydrogen fuel production — via the splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen using sunlight — has long been prominent in the public imagination, the reality is that the technology is still quite a ways off from being economical. That gap…

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