Scooterworks' Slaughterhouse Concept Bike Rattles Chicago

Scooterworks Slaughterhouse

Chicago’s streets just got an extra helping of 2 stroke buzz thanks to the guys at Scooterworks. That’s because they took a giggle-inducing 50 cc Genuine Scooters RoughHouse scooter and turned it into this: the 68 cc, street-stomping SlaughterHouse custom.

The standard Genuine RoughHouse 50 is safe enough. It’s fun, comes in bright colors, and combines fat, stable off-road tires with a non-threatening 50 cc engine good for just over 35 MPH. It looks like this …

Genuine RoughHouse 50

… the Scooterworks gang swapped out the 50 cc cylinder with a new, 68 cc ceramic jug from NCY. Additional mods like a larger carb and less-restrictive sport exhaust work together to push the bike’s top speed to something closer to 50 MPH. NCY suspension and brake upgrades help the SlaughterHouse’s rider to keep things under control, and the aggressive matte black/red color scheme helps let the rest of your scooter club know that this ain’t your everyday 50.

Scooterworks built the SlaughterHouse to show off the kind of bike you can build by raiding their online parts catalog, and you can get everything you need to turn your beach-combing RoughHouse into a traffic-blasting SlaughterHouse there.

As for me, I still like the LemonHead– but some of the SlaughterHouse’s go-faster bits may find their way onto my Buddy sooner than later.




Source | Photos: Scooterworks.


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