Exxon CEO Sues to Prevent "Safe" Fracking Near His Property

Exxon CEO Fracking

Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson has a bit of a continuity problem in his narrative about fracking. He needs to present a product that the world can accept as safe, even though it pollutes water supplies, causes property-damaging earthquakes, and leads to the sort of fatal explosions that only a free off-brand pizza can fix. He knows the truth, however, and when another company wants to come fracking near his property, well … Rex “the name ‘Rex’ is not at all an over-compensation for my tiny peen” Tillerson is suing to prevent the fracking from happening near his multi-million dollar property.

Here’s more on the story from Think Progress and Red, Green, and Blue- and here’s hoping Rex’ family gets the most horrific cancers imaginable from the same pollutants he’s pushing on the rest of America.


Exxon CEO sues to stop fracking, says it would hurt his property values (via Red Green & Blue)

Big surprise. The big oil companies that tell us everything is perfectly safe when it’s in our back yard… have no desire to allow it when their OWN homes are at risk. Exxon is the biggest gas producer in the US, so EXXON may well be the biggest…

Source | Photos: Red, Green, and Blue, the Rachel Maddow Fan Page.

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