2015 BMW X5 eDrive May Be Greener Than a Prius

2015 BMW X5 Hybrid

The upcoming 2015 BMW X5 eDrive hybrid is one or two full generations of technology more advanced than the Toyota Prius you can buy today. The implications of that fact may surprise you, though- because, in a trend that parallels the generational advancements in computers and electronics, BMW’s new X5 might be significantly greener than Toyota’s green-car benchmark by the time it reaches the market.

Following the successful launch of its new i3 and flagship i8 models, BMW seems to have plans in place to electrify all its models. The next model in line is the 2015 BMW X5, and the plug-in hybrid eDrive model promises SUV-type comfort, 0-60 runs in the 7 second range, and right around 60 MPG. Not bad numbers, and they compare favorably to the 51/48 fuel economy figures of the current Prius, too.

You can read more about the upcoming BMW X5 in this article from our sister site, Planetsave. Enjoy!


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