Bob Lutz Wins: New Fiskers to Ship With V8 Power

Bob Lutz Fisker / VL Destino

Last week, a Delaware court ruled in favor of Chinese company Wanxiang’s $149 million bid for the assets and intellectual property of Fisker Automotive- which includes the rights to continue building Fisker Karma bodyshells stuffed with whatever they damn well please under the hood, be that the Karma’s original range-extending hybrid drivetrain, an all-new, pure-electric powerplant, or something else. That’s the theory. In practice, however, Fisker’s new owner will team with Bob Lutz’ VL Automotive to stuff 6.2 liters of ‘Murican V8 power under the new Karma’s Destino’s long and shapely hood.

The move is a big win for Lutz and VL Automotive, which seemed to be on its back foot at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year. At the time, Lutz and company were crowing about a 5 year old concept car they didn’t build and scurrying to buy up any used Karmas they could still find on the open market. The big news, if you looked hard, was that VL Automotive was offering VL watches now (with the purchase of a new car, of course).

So, good on Lutz, then- who has successfully reanimated the corpse of Fisker Automotive with V8 power despite the fact that I called the idea stupid and backwards on multiple occasions. I may still think it’s a dumb idea, but ain’t nobody putting their $149 million where my mouth is, you know?

Wanxiang plans to restart Fisker/VL production before the end of the year, focusing its efforts on Fisker’s plant in Finland before beginning to produce cars at VL Automotive’s facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan, outside of Detroit.


Source: Automotive News (sub.)

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