Apple And Tesla Execs Met Last Spring, But Don’t Expect A Buyout

tesla-and-appleAnalysts have already speculated that Tesla Motors and Apple should tie the knot, and it turns out executives from both companies met in secret last spring. But is Apple really looking to get into the automotive business? Or is there something more benign at work?

Wall St. has called on everyone, from Apple to Google to GM, to buy Tesla in its nascent years. Personally, I don’t think Tesla CEO Elon Musk is looking to sell his stake in the electric automaker anytime soon, as recent patent filings reveal Tesla’s big ambitions for the near future. But that doesn’t mean certain tech companies wouldn’t love to buy Apple, and Apple’s mergers and acquistions chief Adrian Perica secretly met with Elon Musk last spring, to discuss who-knows-what.

Google, for example, is developing gesture controls for in-car operations, like tuning the radio or turning on the heater. Apple is also reportedly interested in the automotive sector, and the meeting with Tesla probably has more to do with introducing the Apple iOS into Tesla vehicles, rather than any outright purchase.

That said, the purchase of Tesla would give Apple leverage over tech competitors like Google and Microsoft, which are still forming loose alliances with conventional automakers. Current infotainment systems, including the massive touchscreen used in the Tesla Model S, use a variety of different operating systems that range from awesome to awful. An Apple-Tesla tie-up like that makes sense, and several high-profile Apple execs have either jumped ship to Tesla, or bought a Model S.

It seems to me that Elon is in it for the long game, and it’s hard to image Tesla without its leading man. For better or worse, Elon has tied his fortune and his fate to Tesla Motors, and I think he has more in mind than just making a lot of money.

Source: San Francisco Gate 

Christopher DeMorro

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