Video: Around the World on a Vintage Vespa

Around the World on a Vespa Sprint

Vintage Vespa scooters are marvelous things. Given a willingness to turn a wrench, some quality oil, and ready access to small parts, an enthusiastic rider can keep their Vespa going a long time. But what if you wanted to take your tiny-wheeled titan around the world? Could you make it?

This is a trailer for a movie that kind of asks that question, following the story of a Turkish man who has ridden his 1969 Vespa Sprint from Turkey to London a full 19 times over the years- more than enough miles, in other words, to circumnavigate the globe. I’d tell you exactly how many miles he’s ridden the 6 hp, 150 cc Vespa- but he threw away the odometer when it got stuck at 99,999.9. The world may never know the bike’s true miles, then, but we do know that he’s ridden the little Vespa in most of the countries of Europe, and even flown it to the US so he could ride around the country- literally! Along the way, our man figures he’s burned some 8 tons of fuel and 700 lbs. of oil.

At the 90-ish MPG a well-tuned vintage Vespa can give back, 8 tons of fuel works out to 60 s***tons of miles. Metric, of course.

As for the film, itself, it’s a documentary about this interesting dude’s Vespa-related travels by Turkish motorcycle filmmakers 2Enduro. The camerawork, music, and tone of the whole thing look pitch-perfect in the trailer, so I’ll be hoping it makes its way to Netflix or Hulu or something soon. Take a look at the trailer, below, and let us know what you think of the upcoming film in the comments section.


Source: 2Enduro, via the Scooterist and Motorpasion.

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